Foldify: Design, fold and cut-out 3D shape templates

Foldify is a wonderful app that has a collection of printable 3D shapes that you can print off, fold and cut-out.

You can select from 16 blank shapes in the ‘Template’ section, as well as 8 pre-drawn shapes in the ‘Colouring Book’ section – both of which can be accessed by tapping on the + symbol from the initial screen.

When you select a shape to edit, the screen is split into two sides: on the left you can rotate your shape in realtime and on the right is where you customise your design. You can zoom in on your design to add precise details or fill simple blocks of colour using the paintbucket tool. As well as adding colour, you can also add shapes from a number of categories – like googly eyes and hairy moustaches.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can print to an AirPrint printer. If you don’t have one, simply email your template and access it on a computer that’s connected to a printer. Then you simply cut it out and fold!

Using Foldify in the Classroom

  • Make a 3D cityscape
  • Print blank shapes and decorate using other materials
  • Create characters for a story
  • Create a stop motion animation

Download Foldify for iPad




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