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ScreenChomp records and shares your iPad’s screen and audio

Using ScreenChomp, you can record your explanations for any topic to help pupils get a better understanding of a certain task.

The app records every interaction you have within the Screenchomp app (including the audio) and then lets you share it online to their servers. When you’ve uploaded your video, you get a short link that you can email to someone, or if you like, you can download the video so that you can store it locally or upload to YouTube.

Screenchomp is essentially a simpler version of Explain Everything, with the focus more on making it easier for children to use and understand. You have three writing tools to choose from: a thin pen where you can select from multiple colours; a thicker red pen and a thicker green pen. All of these can be used directly on the whiteboard or on top of any image that you might have added. To start and end a recording you simply tap the ‘rec’ button on the bottom-right of the screen.

Using Screenchomp in the Classroom

  • Explaining a maths problem
  • Embed an explanation on a class blog
  • Quickly email video solutions to homework questions
  • Let pupils explain a topic, e.g. photosynthesis


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