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ArtRage: A toolbox of art tools, right at your fingertips

Art Rage iPad app for painting

ArtRage turns your tablet into the ultimate painting canvas.

When you add something to your canvas, the app knows how much paint you’ve applied, how wet it is and how much it can be blended. Using a number of different tools, you can slowly build up layers using colour and texture. ArtRage includes 13 drawing and painting tools – each one producing a different effect. Some of the tools included are oil, watercolour, pencil, pen, chalk and crayon. You can also tweak any of the tools to suit your needs. For example, adjusting the pressure basically changes the opacity of the tool’s mark.

When painting, the user can add finer details by zooming in and working on a particular area. This is one of the benefits that you don’t get when painting with real paint! You can also import images to use as a reference (which sits at the side of your canvas) or to trace (which sits directly on top of the canvas for you to paint over).

Using ArtRage in the Classroom

  • Import famous paintings and recreate in your own style
  • Learn about different art tools like the airbrush or palette knife
  • Portraits – draw a friend or the person sitting next to you
  • Colour mixing and exploring

Overall, ArtRage has everything you’ll need to produce high-quality digital paintings. It’s relatively easy to use and most people would have no problems learning the basics.

Download ArtRage: Apple or Android


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