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Jimdo: Build and run a website directly on the iPad

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If you want to get a website online but aren’t sure how, Jimdo is a great place to start. It’s an app that lets you create and maintain a website without having to learn coding.

In the web design world, this is called a WYSIWYG editor — simply meaning “What You See Is What You Get”. So getting a website up and running just the way you want it, is no longer a tedious process.

All websites need to be registered with Jimdo in order to work, and you’ll get to select a unique username that will be used for your Jimdo web address (username.jimdo.com). After this step, you can begin to design your website by adding headings, text, images and pages. Although the app has some decent features, there are many more that are available on their website, such as contact forms, blog, guestbook and more website designs. However, as the app improves, these might be added in the future.

Unfortunately, with the free Jimdo account, you can’t track the statistics of your website, so you don’t know how many visitors you’ve had or how they’ve come across your site. This isn’t a huge issue but it can be pretty interesting information for students, to discover who has viewed their blog and what posts are the most popular.

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