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Knots 3D: Learn to tie knots with a unique 3D perspective

learn to tie a knot using an ipad

When it comes to tying knots, there’s really nothing that compares to the real thing. However, Knots 3D makes full use of the touchscreen environment and makes it as easy as possible to understand how knots are constructed.

Every knot in the app is displayed in a rotatable world where you can twist and turn to see exactly what’s going on.

The app contains 92 different kinds of knots and they’re sorted into categories, such as boating, camping and climbing. When you select a knot, it is displayed in a 3D environment and you can watch an animation of it being tied. The speed of the animation can even be slowed down so you don’t miss any important loops or bends.

Knots 3D could be a very useful app in the right situation and even the most difficult knots can be accomplished. After exploring the app, we’d find it very hard to believe that there’s a better knot-tying app available. Highly recommended.

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