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Wonderopolis is a website of wonder and knowledge

what are you wondering website questions for kids

Wonderopolis is a brilliant website that focuses on answering the many questions that children have. Everyday a new wonder is answered with an article, video, quiz and relevant external links. It also displays related tags and categories so you can further your knowledge on similar subjects.

A neat feature of Wonderopolis is that you can listen to every article. This is great for learners who struggle with reading text but are more than capable of understanding the content. Just tap the “Listen” button at the top of each article. As it speaks out loud, the words are highlighted on the page similar to a karaoke machine. Very handy!

Any user can submit a question by heading to the “What are you wondering?” section of the site. From here, the question is added to the waiting list and visitors to the website get to vote on which wonder they’d like to see answered next.

For teachers, Wonderopolis has a couple of noteworthy features:

  • Widget – The Wonder of the Day embedded on your class blog.
  • Wonder Ground – A base for helping educators make the most of Wonderopolis.

Overall, Wonderopolis is a fantastic site that can easily be put to use in the classroom. There’s lots of reliable information and many interesting topics. It’s just a brilliant use of the internet.

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