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Osmo is an amazing iPad accessory that will change the way children play

osmo ipad learning accessory for children

Osmo is a new accessory for iPad that does some remarkable things. It uses a specially designed mirror (hidden in the red component) that reflects real-world actions onto the iPad screen. This unique technology allows it to interact with physical objects for games and learning, by recording the environment below and in front of the camera. The benefit to this is that children have a more effective experience when developing spacial, interpersonal and motor skills.

The Osmo kit includes the red mirror, a quality iPad stand and game pieces that are compatible with their free apps. As of today, Osmo has four free apps that users can download. Check out the videos below of a quick introduction to each app.


Supercharge your drawing skills with Masterpiece! Pick any image from the camera, curated gallery, or integrated web search and Masterpiece will transform it into easy-to-follow lines and help you draw it to perfection. You can then share a magical time-lapse video of your creation with your friends and family.


Be the first to guess and spell out the on-screen hidden word by tossing down real-life letters faster than your friends. A related picture gives the clue.


Arrange tangible puzzle pieces into matching on-screen shapes. Play with a friend or challenge yourself to more advanced levels as your handy-work lights up with each victory.


Use your creative noggin and inventive objects like a hand-drawn basket, grandma’s glasses, dad’s keys, or anything around you to guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones.

Osmo in the Classroom

Since launching last year, Osmo has been a real success with over 2000 schools actively using it to learn and play. A key reason is that the physical objects are great for problem solving and the apps help promote collaboration with students. It introduces a social aspect of learning that you don’t always get with a standard iPad app. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Osmo.

osmo ipad accessory pricing uk

Learn more and purchase your kit at playosmo.com.



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