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Instashare: Easily transfer files between iOS, Android, Mac and PC

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Instashare is a beautiful app that works exactly like Apple’s AirDrop, but you can send files between iOS, Android, Mac and PC computers. It’s a really easy way to transfer files between all manners of devices, regardless of their operating system.

However we also think it works better than AirDrop when sending files between iOS devices. If you’ve ever tried to use AirDrop, it can sometimes be a real pain to get it working. With Instashare, we didn’t have any connection issues and it quite happily found the numerous devices that we used. It works by connecting to either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and the transfer speed of files is about average (20 secs for a 2MB file in our test).

When sending a file, there are no passwords to enter and you don’t have to create any accounts. The screen is split into two sections, with a file browser on the left and a list of connected devices on the right. To send a file, just press and hold then drag over to the right side. This will prompt a notification on the receiving device to accept the transfer. All devices must have Instashare installed in order to show up on other devices.

There are absolutely no file type limits, which means you can send anything from MP3s to Powerpoint presentations. The fact that it will work with Android and iPhone means that you can quickly share files with colleagues that may be using both types of smartphones. A bit like how Whatsapp has bridged the same gap for messaging. For a free app, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a spin.

Available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

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