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PhotoSync transfers your photos between a mobile device and a computer

transfer photos between devices wirelessly photosync

Photosync is a super easy way of getting photos and videos from one place to another. It works with a variety of devices, such as Mac, PC, iPhone and Android, and it’ll even send your media to a cloud storage account like Dropbox or Flickr.

Like many syncing apps, both devices need to have the Photosync software installed. So make sure that your computer or receiving device has downloaded it first. If you have one classroom Apple ID, you can download the app again free (from iCloud) to all your other iPads. The versions for your computer can be downloaded for free here.

Once connected, you can start transferring media. You have the option of selecting images individually or the app can automatically sync all new images. The app can also work in the background and sync files when you get to certain locations. So if you’re using the iPad away from an internet connection, when you get back to class your photos will begin syncing to your selected device.

Overall, Photosync is a brilliant app that looks great and gets the job done.

Available for iOS or Android.


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