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Build an SLR camera from scratch with Lomography’s Konstruktor kit


In today’s world, digital photography is everywhere with more and more people taking photographs. The day of analog photography and 35mm films are fast declining but that doesn’t mean you can’t look back and see how it all began. The Konstruktor kit by Lomography is a build-it-yourself SLR camera that takes you on a learning adventure discovering how it all works. The entire building process takes about 2 hours and at the end you’ll have a fully-functioning SLR camera that looks brilliant.

By constructing your own camera, you’ll begin to understand the intricate mechanics behind the analogue photos you shoot whilst having a ton of fun in the process. It answers questions like “how does a film camera work?” and “how does it capture an image on a roll of film?”

Once you’ve finished building your camera, you’ll be in possession of a simple yet tremendously clever photographic contraption. It’s equipped with ‘N’ and ‘B’ modes for regular and long exposures (great for experimentation); and it has a tripod thread for keeping those long exposures steady. It is also equipped with an uncoupled shutter release and advance, so you can easily produce multiple exposure photos.

To shoot flash photos, you can purchase the Konstruktor Flash Accessory Kit allowing you to capture moments in low-light conditions. There’s also a macro kit for super close photography.

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