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Prepare and manage classroom iPads with Apple Configurator

manage classroom ipads in a school

One of the main benefits of Apple products is that they work exceptionally well together. Macs, iPads and more can sync together and keep files up to date with the latest versions. This works great if they’re your personal devices but how do you manage school iPads and make sure that they are all working together?

Apple Configurator is a Mac app that helps you configure devices by updating them to the latest iOS version, installing free and volume purchased apps, or restoring a device backup. It provides all of the organisation that teachers love.

Once you have added your devices to Apple Configurator (via USB cable), you have a number of options that can be applied, such as choosing a device name, setting a lock screen wallpaper and adding device profiles. Profiles are basic (yet powerful) settings that can be configured and installed on any device. Settings like Wi-Fi passwords, in-app purchase restrictions, safe Safari domains and calendar events.

However, the best feature is the app management and it’s the number one reason why you should use Apple Configurator. It allows you to quickly deploy apps for a lesson or simply control what apps are on each device. To begin, open the apps menu and tap the + symbol to launch the finder window. From here, navigate to “Mac HDD > Users > Your User Name > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications” and select the apps you want to install.

Apple Configurator is free to download but it’s only available on Mac computers.

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