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Foldable, rolling teacher cart for transporting heavy items

A teacher trolley cart for moving around classroom supplies

As a teacher, every week we’re likely to be bringing something home, and 9 times out of 10 it’s something heavy.

If you have two sets of 25 jotters, the weight quickly adds up! If you don’t have a car or you work in a big school, this can be a pretty significant problem.

For years I’ve been using a rolling teacher cart to move things around, and the one above is without a doubt, the best I’ve used. Carts I’ve had in the past have been flimsy, unstable and just downright rickety. In some cases the sides have broken and the wheels have cracked.

The Toolzone model however, has strong rubber wheels so it’s quiet when your wheeling it about, and can hold a total weight of up to 35kg. These crates are great if you’re having to move classroom for next year – just fill it up with all your stuff and wheel it down the hall. When you’re finished using it, the entire cart folds away to just a few centimetres thick.

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