MyBlee Math is a personal, interactive maths tutor

Created by teachers, MyBlee is a maths app with numerous interactive exercises in algebra, geometry…

MyScript Calculator converts your handwriting and calculates the result

MyScript Calculator is an amazing use of technology.

calculator app for ipad calcbot

Calcbot: The simple, intelligent calculator app

The iPad doesn’t have a calculator app by default, which has caused a huge number…

Algebra Touch uses animated lessons to help improve your algebra

Algebra Touch is a beautiful app that simplifies algebra and makes it easy to understand…

2 player maths app math party ipad

Math Party: A quick-fire mental arithmetic game for two players

Math Party is a fun app, where two players go head-to-head in a battle of…

mathagon ipad app

Tactically solve maths equations in Mathagon

Mathagon is a great maths app, where the aim of the game is to connect…

talk maths ipad app

Talk Maths: solve maths problems by talking it out with a friend

Talk Maths is an iPad app that requires 2 players to work as a team…

quick maths+ app by shiny things

Practice mental arithmetic with Quick Maths+

Quick Maths+ is a brilliant way of improving your basic maths skills, that involves writing…

free educational games

Brilliant educational games from ABCya!

ABCya! are developers of educational computer games and apps for children.

Ideas for quick mental maths games

Put down your tablet, turn off the computer and hide that calculator. It’s time for…

Daily Starters by Scholastic

Start your day off right with a quick activity to get your brain in gear.

Thinking Blocks by Math Playground

Thinking Blocks is a BRILLIANT tool to help you improve your problem solving skills in…