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MyBlee Math is a personal, interactive maths tutor

Screenshot from the MyBlee maths tutor app for iPad

Created by teachers, MyBlee is a maths app with numerous interactive exercises in algebra, geometry and much more. The level of each activity is determined by the age or grade of the user, which you can select when you create a profile. The profile then compiles a personal curriculum that can be completed from week to week.

One of the things we love about MyBlee is the use of practical apparatus, making the iPad seem much more like a traditional workbook. Being able to use a ruler to measure shapes and draw lines is such a brilliant use of traditional equipment working with new technology.

Students can provide answers to questions by either using handwriting or speech — both of which are recognised by the app. The answers are then provided with clear explanations and easy-to-understand images.

Overall, the app is brilliant. It just goes to show how effective a teacher’s input can be. The in-app subscriptions needed are not cheap but they do offer a free 10 minute session a week, which you can use to give the app a good testing, before spending anything.

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