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Solve the mystery of the Math Museum

A screenshot from the numeracy app Mystery Math

In Mystery Math Museum you need to become a maths detective to help find missing dragonflies that are scattered around 8 themed museums. You explore each museum by finding clues and numbers that are used to open doors and climb stairs etc. Unless you solve the maths problem, you can’t pass through.

A typical room in a museum consists of many interactive elements that might move once tapped or produce a sound effect. But the main goal is to find and collect numbers as these help you progress from room to room. The great thing about the numbers is that they are represented in multiple ways (eg. 3, •••, III), helping children to better understand basic numeracy. As you could imagine, the more museums you explore, the harder the questions become.

Overall, Mystery Math Museum is a great concept that most children will enjoy. Some of the artwork does feel a bit ‘copy and paste’ but the style seems to work nonetheless. It combines a fun adventure with learning and that’s a great recipe for a maths app.

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