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Practise counting, arithmetic and writing numbers in Quick Maths Jr.

A screenshot from the numeracy app for young children, Quick Maths Jr

Quick Maths Jr. is an app with 6 games to help children understand basic numeracy. As learning maths isn’t the most fun task in the world for children, you are accompanied by a selection of cute monsters that players can customise. Every time you complete three maths levels, you unlock more accessories for your character. This gives children something to aim for as they try to create the coolest looking monster in town!

The games in Quick Math Jr. are all aligned with international curriculums, that are explained in the ‘For Parents’ section. You’ll also find here a description of each game, why it is effective and what specific skills are learnt. This further enforces how well the developers understand childrens’ education.

Overall, Quick Maths Jr. is a visually exciting app with a solid base of KS1 numeracy at its core. The bright monsters, sounds and animations are more than enough to keep a child entertained and motivated to learn.

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