1-12 times table fan deck printable multiplication

1-12 Times Table Fan Deck

Create a fan deck of colour and multiplication! 

12x Multiplication Table to Scale

A 12x multiplication table to scale with a grid background, allowing students to count each…

Colourful Times Tables

A set of abstract, multicoloured times tables from 1-12. Great for displays or as bookmarks.



A colourful poster to show the mathematical order of operations when calculating an equation.

Solve the mystery of the Math Museum

In Mystery Math Museum you need to become a maths detective to help find missing…

mental arithmetic app in space

Math Blast is mental arithmetic in space

Math Blast is a simple but unique style of maths game where the user must…

lumio farm factor is a multiplication and division app

Farm Factor takes you through the building blocks of learning multiplication

Lumio Farm Factor is a wonderful combination of beautiful design and effective maths learning —…

Adding and subtracting fractions explained with video

Fraction Basics covers everything you need to know about adding and subtracting fractions, as well…

Math Bingo: Solve maths problems and win bingo bugs

Math Bingo might just be the most popular numeracy app for iPad, and is consistently…