Draw funny animals and learn the alphabet with Drawnimal

Drawnimal helps bring the iPad and paper closer together by making them work together. By placing the iPad on a sheet of paper, you draw around the device, making animal characters come to life.

The screen presents you with a letter of the alphabet and the required pencil strokes that you need to make around the iPad. Once you’ve completed the simple drawing, you tap the screen and the app displays the animal for that letter (as well as a cute animation).

Using Drawnimal in the Classroom

  • Instead of the alphabet, use as a spelling exercise for each animal
  • Develop an animal character further, create a setting or story

Overall, Drawnimal adds a new way of interacting that we’ve yet to see in any other app. It’s simple approach means that absolutely anyone will be able to play along – bringing animals to life and making the alphabet more memorable.




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