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Connect to a classroom computer with Screens app for iOS

screens app connect to computer remotely

Screens is a screen-sharing app for iPad that connects to either a Mac, PC or Linux computer. Once you’ve setup a few things on your computer using the helpful guide, you’re ready to start up the app. Not only does Screens let you view the computer but you can also interact with it, as if it was sitting right in front of you. You can load up apps, enter text or send documents to the printer, without having to be in arm’s length of the mouse. It all works magically, providing you have the iPad connected to the same wi-fi network as your computers.

You can add as many computers to the app as needed, whether it’s your personal computer or 10 classroom ones. All of the connected computers appear in your menu and it’s simply a case of tapping on the computer you want to view. Once connected, all of the controls are handled at the bottom of the app, giving you maximum screen space to view your computer.

Using Screens in the Classroom

  • Keep an eye on multiple computer screens
  • Remotely control a computer, e.g. for presentations
  • Help computer users that are in other areas of the school
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