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Share step by step guides with the Snapguide app

Screenshots of the iPad app SnapGuide

The Snapguide app for iPad is for those who want to create and share simple step-by-step “how to guides.” Once you’ve made a guide, you can share it with the Snapguide community and it’s accessible from just about any mobile device or computer browser. You can create guides for just about anything, whether that’s a science experiment or the secrets to a magic trick. When creating your own guide, you’re able to add pictures, videos and captions to make your guide as easy to understand as possible.

In addition to creating your own guides, Snapguide is also a fantastic resource for picking up ideas. There’s some fantastic craft making ones available, including various origami shapes and even a sock monkey tutorial. The possibilities are endless!

Having a guide on the iPad as you work through your project is extremely beneficial. Assuming your project isn’t too messy, you can swipe through the screens from one step to the next. As you can see above, each step usually provides a large image and an accompanying piece of text that explains the image. Making the whole process very visual and super easy to follow.

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