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Toca Nature: Shape the landscape and connect with animals in their habitat

A screenshot from the build and create app, Toca Nature

Toca Nature is a stunning app that gives you complete control to create a wonderful landscape, filled with trees, wild food and curious animals. By using your fingertip, you manipulate how the environment looks — raising the land for mountains or digging it down for lakes. You can create beautiful surroundings in a matter of seconds.

Once your happy with your creation, you can begin to explore what you’ve made. Depending on what’s in your landscape will determine what animals appear. For example, woodpeckers can be heard tapping away in the trees and beavers will be seen swimming joyfully through the lakes. When you spot an animal or just a brilliant view, you can take out your camera and snap a photo to remember the moment. You can even feed the animals if you can decipher what their favourite food is.

Quick note if you have an older device: the game is quite graphics-intensive and it does take a while to load. However, stick with it and it all runs smoothly in the end.

Download for iOS and Android.

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