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A guide for identifying British and European butterflies

identify butterfly app for ipad

Reference guides are an excellent type of app for the iPad as you get so much information in a portable device. The next time a butterfly passes, you can identify it from anything that you can remember — colour, size, markings, type of habitat or when and where you saw it. In addition to butterflies, the app also contains day-flying moths.

Currently the app contains over 100 species, with more being added at regular intervals. Each butterfly or moth has a selection of high quality photographs, a map of their distribution throughout Europe, information about their appearance, flight time and even source of nectar.

The app is great for anyone who wants to know more about butterflies. You don’t have to be an expert naturalist because finding specific species can be achieved in so many ways. It also benefits the classroom as the information and facts provided are interesting and very student friendly.

The developers also make a British butterfly app that doesn’t contain any butterflies that are found abroad. This can be purchased slightly cheaper than the European version.

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