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Sound Board is a collection of funny and annoying sound effects

sound effects app ipad

There’s no denying that Sound Board is an annoying app. It’s filled with traditional sounds effects that, once played more than once, will undoubtedly make you go slightly mad. However, it does have a use in the classroom — especially for games, quizzes or even basic video editing.

The sound effects are displayed as retro buttons that can either be pressed once or held down to continuously repeat. Buttons are spread out across a number of pages within the app and don’t expect for them to be organised in any particular way. Luckily, you can reorder the buttons however you please by tapping the button at the top right of the app.

The quality of the sounds are okay, but some are a lot better than others. We strongly suggest getting the free lite version first before you spend any money. You might find that the sound effects you require are available for free. Both apps state the name of the effects on the iTunes description page so you can see what’s included prior to downloading. Obviously not all sounds are suitable for everyone and the app has been given a 9+ age rating.

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