Screenshots from the Chirpomatic bird ID app

ChirpOMatic identifies garden birds by listening to their songs and calls

With mobile devices, identifying birds when out and about has been made so much easier.

A smiling yellow monster indicating a quiet classroom

Control the noise levels in your classroom with the help of a monster

Class Monster Pro is another way of controlling the noise levels in your classroom.

sound effects app ipad

Sound Board is a collection of funny and annoying sound effects

There’s no denying that Sound Board is an annoying app. It’s filled with traditional sounds…

Isle of Tune website for creating musical journeys

Isle of Tune’s unique approach on creating music

Isle of Tune is a website and iOS app that lets you create music by…

Noisli sound effects for an interesting classroom ambience

Fun background sound effects with Noisli

Noisli is a background noise generator that lets you create fun environments for your classroom.

Belkin headphone dock for sharing audio with others

Belkin Rockstar lets you share a device’s audio with others

The Belkin Rockstar is a great device for allowing more than one pupil to listen…