Belkin Rockstar lets you share a device’s audio with others

The Belkin Rockstar is a great device for allowing more than one pupil to listen to the same device – such as a classroom iPad. This is especially useful for audiobooks, podcast episodes or interactive apps like The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore. It works with any standard headphone jack – meaning you can use it with a computer, CD player or iPod.

If you have a group listening to one device through it’s external speakers, it can immediately bring the entire noise level of the classroom up. With the Belkin Rockstar, you can send a group off to watch a video or listen to a podcast without disrupting the class.

You could even buy more than one and have even more ears to one iPad. Just two of the headphone splitters lets up to 9 people listen to one iPad. Just as long as you have 9 set of headphones!


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