voicethread audio presentation app

VoiceThread gives your presentations a platform for discussion

Voicethread is an app for creating presentations but with the added benefit of discussion. Usually…

organise your audio recordings on the ipad

Recorder: A free app for recording voice memos on the iPad

Apple’s Voice Memos app in the iPhone is a nice little app but it lacks…

Create wonderful interactive eBooks with iBooks Author

Developing an educational app takes a lot of time and money, but Apple has provided…

sound effects app ipad

Sound Board is a collection of funny and annoying sound effects

There’s no denying that Sound Board is an annoying app. It’s filled with traditional sounds…

recordium pro ipad audio recording app

Recordium Pro is a supercharged app for everything audio

Recordium Pro is an excellently designed app that takes audio recordings to a whole new…

airplay intercom app for ipad

Airplay Intercom: Broadcast your voice to an Airplay audio device

Airplay Intercom is a unique audio app that claims to be the “only iOS app…

A bluetooth-connected, throwable microphone for the classroom

It may look and feel like a football but inside the QBall contains some clever…

listen to podcasts in the classroom

10 Excellent podcasts for learning in the classroom

A list of 10 great podcasts for hours and hours of listening.

Listen and learn from the wonderful world of podcasts

Before we start, let’s explain what a podcast is.

Belkin Rockstar lets you share a device’s audio with others

The Belkin Rockstar is a great device for allowing more than one pupil to listen…