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Explore Mount Everest 3D from every angle

3d tour of mount everest app

As the majority of us will likely never witness Mount Everest in person, the next best thing we have to look at is the Mount Everest 3D app. This gives a unique view of the area in and around Mount Everest as you zoom and rotate around the frosty summit.

The map also displays base camps used by climbers as well as the most common routes up to the summit. By tapping on the base of a route you are given more information about the trek, including how far it is and how long it’ll take. Some of the information is really interesting too, sharing some of the things you’ll see on your way.

A smaller feature of Mount Everest 3D is the webcam. Although it’s not a live cam, it does load an image with a timestamp so you know how recent it is. We’re not sure how often the image refreshes, but we think it’s possibly every hour.

There’s also the option to upgrade to the Pro version that allows for offline viewing of the map. But as long as you have internet access in your classroom, this shouldn’t be a problem.

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