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Simple but secure tablet mount for classroom desks

best adjustable arm for tablet

This functional and rotatable arm allows you to add a whole new dimension to a mobile device. Having the freedom to move it around to various heights and angles makes it great for filming. It also eliminates camera shake due to the lack of shaky hands! Another filming benefit is stop-motion animation, where the camera needs to be in the same position for the entirety of the shoot.

However, the tablet mount doesn’t just have to be used for filming. It’s also a great tool for viewing content or following instructions for a craft project. You could display sheet music or song lyrics at the perfect height to minimise distractions. Or during group tasks, everyone can feel involved as the screen can be positioned to suit all those watching — even clearing desk space so that pupils can take notes at the same time.

It also has health benefits too! Working on a touchscreen device for long periods of time can give you a pretty sore neck. Not to mention sitting at a desk with your head down is just not good for your posture.

There are various tablet mounts available but it all depends on your budget. We’ve found this one does the job perfectly most.


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