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8 Cool tissue holders you can make or buy

Monster tissue box DIY

Every classroom needs tissues and it’s just another thing that teachers need stocked up 24/7.

So there’s no point in having a boring tissue box when there are such cool alternatives out there. The list includes items you can buy, as well as tutorials to craft a new design using an old box you have lying around.

1. Mount Fuji

A volcanic eruption on Mount Fuji delivers your tissue like a plume of smoke. Although you have to buy this one, it could be a great papier-mâché project.
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2. Houses

A minimal house design that could easily be painted or decorated.
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3. Rubik’s Cube

This cardboard box tutorial was inspired by the tv show, The Big Bang Theory. It’s easy to follow and the result is pretty effective. If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, you can buy one here.
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4. Animal Collection

Etsy shop Sparkly Pony has a number of animal tissue boxes including dinosaurs, elephants and whales. Another great source of inspiration that you could make yourself!
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5. Soft Octopus

A cute little character that everyone will want a tissue from. Luckily he’s not all slimy like a real one 🙂
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6. Monsters

These colourful monsters give new life to old boxes. Hopefully you’re brave enough to grab a tissue afterwards.
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7. Animal Pouches

Although they don’t hold many tissues, these animal pouches were too good to pass up.
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8. Lego

Lego is used to build all kinds of amazing things so it’s no surprise that someone has crafted a tissue box holder too. It has a removable side wall so you can slide replacement tissue boxes in. Clever!
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