A personal library kit for the classroom

A self-explanatory kit from Knock Knock — the award-winning makers of witty books and gifts.

Sumblox: Unique wooden building blocks for maths

Sumblox are a new product for helping children learn about numbers and basic arithmetic.

Pon Pins display work without putting holes in them

Pon Pins are sort of like a combination of a paperclip and a standard push…

Sugru: A tough, mouldable glue that acts like play dough

Sugru is basically a play dough-like material that turns to rubber when it is exposed…

5 Alternative ways for displaying work in the classroom

Here at Paperzip, we are passionate about having relevant, engaging and purposeful displays.

Align: Where no stapler has gone before

Align opens up the world of stapling.

Print and make a paper bow

Over on the How About Orange blog, Graphic Designer Jessica Jones has created a free…

Goldieblox: Building and engineering toys aimed at girls

As most building and invention toys are aimed at boys, Goldieblox wanted to create a…

First News: The newspaper for younger readers

To most children, reading a newspaper might be quite a boring task.

Award-winning Kate Petty popup books for older children

With topics ranging from science to punctuation, Kate Petty popup books are a total delight.

Foldable, rolling teacher cart for transporting heavy items

As a teacher, every week we’re likely to be bringing something home, and 9 times…