code your own game technobabble by the bbc

Technobabble Game Maker lets kids make games without using code

With so much focus nowadays on coding, it’s refreshing to see a website that focuses on the creative side of things. Kids can immediately put their ideas into action with an easy-to-understand web application called Technobabble Game Maker (from the CBBC TV show Technobabble).

The application has voice-guided tutorials (called challenges) that introduce you to the gaming tools at a pace anyone can follow. Upon completion of each challenge, you are awarded badges that you can proudly collect on your way to becoming a gaming master. If you have a free CBBC account your progress can be saved so you can resume at any time.

Once you’ve collected all the training badges, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge needed to create your own game from scratch, with unique characters, colours, backgrounds and physics. Move over Pokémon Go, there’s a new game in town!

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