Our collection of wonderful internet discoveries.

Screenshots from the Todo Maths app

Geometry, counting, equations, time, money and more in Todo Maths

Todo Maths is one of the most thorough and content-laden apps you can get for…

A screenshot of the Hanx typewriting app from Tom Hanks

Hanx Writer: A realistic typewriter app created by Tom Hanks

With realistic sounds and beautiful looks, Hanx Writer does a great job of bringing to…

Screenshot from the Edmodo app Story Lines Comix

StoryLines Comix: Illustrate word definitions in the form of a comic

StoryLines Comix is a brilliant idea for an app and an especially good app for…

A screenshot of the Canva app

Canva: A simple way of creating beautiful graphic design

Teachers are designing and creating materials all the time and it’s important that the content…

A still from the Keynote animation from Linda Dong

The amazing animations that can be achieved in Apple’s Keynote app

Presentations are a great teaching tool and you may be surprised just how exciting they can…

a visual inventory of your classroom

Sortly is an app for those who like their classroom organised

Sortly is a free app for organising physical objects in a digital and visual way.

create star wars special effects using your smartphone

Action Movie FX adds Hollywood-style effects to your videos

Action Movie FX is one of those apps that will genuinely impress you when you…

A marketing image for the Evernote app, Scannable

Evernote Scannable is a quick way to make documents digital

Evernote have a great suite of products and it’s safe to say they know how to…

accurate free weather app for ipad

WunderStation displays detailed information from over 100,000 personal weather stations

If you want an incredibly accurate weather forecast in your area, then WunderStation is the…

Tips for recording with a smartphone

Tips for filming with a smartphone or tablet camera

In this wonderful educational video, Sam Hume from BBC Earth Unplugged, shares some practical advice on…

A screenshot from the Sketchometry iPad app

Sketchometry: Create geometrical constructions using your finger

Sketchometry is a geometry app that converts quick hand-drawn sketches into precise shapes and lines.

A screenshot from the smart calculator app, Tydig

Tydlig: The smartest calculator in the App Store

Calculators aren’t the most exciting apps in the App Store but Tydlig is worth mentioning…