accurate free weather app for ipad

WunderStation displays detailed information from over 100,000 personal weather stations

If you want an incredibly accurate weather forecast in your area, then WunderStation is the app you’ll need. It uses Personal Weather Stations (PWS) to gather the latest and most precise weather data imaginable. These individually-owned stations are located across the globe and send back data as often as 2.5 seconds. The system was founded in 2001 as a way to provide more granular data to meteorologists.

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Tydlig: The smartest calculator in the App Store

Calculators aren’t the most exciting apps in the App Store but Tydlig is worth mentioning due to its benefits when teaching mathematics. Notably, you can change any value in a calculation and see the answer updated immediately. This means that you can swap-out numbers quickly without having to re-type the whole thing.

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