Shape Lab is an app for exploring shapes, measurements and angles

Shape Lab is a geometry app for children that completely focuses on shape. You start with a blank canvas and a 1cm grid that stretches across the screen (other grid designs are included too). When you begin to draw, the app recognises your lines and understands what you were trying to achieve. So you don’t have to struggle trying to create the perfect circle — everything gets joined up automatically.

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simplephysics app for constructing using the laws of physics

Build stable structures using the laws of physics

The main focus in SimplePhysics is building. You create structures that are capable of withstanding a particular force. It might be a building that receives very strong winds, a dam that needs to keep out huge volumes of water or a treehouse for supporting a couple of people.

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voicethread audio presentation app

VoiceThread gives your presentations a platform for discussion

Voicethread is an app for creating presentations but with the added benefit of discussion. Usually a presentation is consumed and there are no easy ways for the viewer to add their own voice. By utilising the ability to add comments on a slide-by-slide basis, Voicethread turns presentations into a more social and feedback-driven experience.

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Control a cartoon turtle by learning the basics of programming

In Move the Turtle, players learn programming basics by controlling a rather cute, little turtle. By putting themselves in the turtles shoes (if they fit), they can decide what direction to move in and for how many steps to travel. It’s worth noting that although you learn programming skills, there’s not actually any specific coding to learn. The movement of the turtle is controlled by commands that are added to a list.

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