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SimplePhysics: Build stable structures using the laws of physics

simplephysics app for constructing using the laws of physics

The main focus in SimplePhysics is building. You create structures that are capable of withstanding a particular force. It might be a building that receives very strong winds, a dam that needs to keep out huge volumes of water or a treehouse for supporting a couple of people.

The good thing is that there are many ways to complete a challenge, so students can be creative when finding a solution. To achieve the best score (maximum strength and low cost) it might be advisable to work in a team as the levels are tricky.

When you are building your structure, you can test the strength of your design as you go. By tapping the play button you get a preview of how your design performs when it’s put to the test. Be sure to keep your eye on the weak points so you know what to reinforce.

Overall, SimplePhysics is an interesting app for independent KS3 learners or KS2 with support. The levels are varied but they can quickly become frustrating if you’re struggling to complete them. It doesn’t help that you have to pay extra for the solutions via an in-app purchase.

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