raspberry pi pixel on an ipad pro

How to control a Raspberry Pi using an iPad

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable, little computer that is taking the world by storm. It strips back computers to their roots and is a great educational tool for learning how software is developed (and creating your own). This is achieved by using coding applications such as Scratch and Python.

Before you begin to connect to an iPad, you need to first setup the Raspberry Pi using a monitor/television, keyboard, mouse and internet connection. Depending on the internet setup in your classroom, you may need a wireless dongle too. This official guide and video will set you on the right path. Once you’ve completed that, you can setup the wireless iPad connection.

The process involved is quite time consuming and if you’re not code-savvy then it can seem a little intimidating. However, this tutorial provides excellent step-by-step instructions to ensure your success. Once you’re connection is created, students can program from anywhere in the classroom without being directly next to the Raspberry Pi.


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