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First Aid by the Red Cross is an app you shouldn’t be without

Screenshots of the British Red Cross app

The Red Cross have two essential first aid apps that are very similar in design and content, but one is for adults and one is for babies and young children. They are both free and contain excellent medical advice and instructions for the most common emergency situations. In both instances the information is very clear, easy-to-follow and helps keep you calm — which is exactly what you want in a first aid app.

Each app is split into five sections and it’s really easy to quickly navigate and find the information you need.

Learn: Read up on the main medical emergencies that you might encounter in day-to-day life.

Prepare: A quick list of tips for common emergency situations.

Emergency: When you need to act fast, follow step-by-step points to help you control a situation. Also has a one-tap button to call 999 without ever leaving the app.

Test: Answer a series of questions to reinforce your knowledge.

Info: Information about the Red Cross charity and ways that you can donate.

All of the content in the app, including videos, are available offline, so you don’t need wi-fi or a phone signal in order to use it.

It’s an app that all teachers should have on their smartphone, as you never know when it might be needed to save someone’s life.

Download for iOS and Android.

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