Category: Displays

Planet Posters

Our planet posters contain all the planets in our solar system with a short overview of each.

Viking Banners

Three styles of vikings banners, ready to print for the classroom. Each banner has been split into three A4 pages.

Literacy Banners

Two banners for headlining a literacy display. Each one is split across three A4 pages.

Christmas Banners

Two Christmas banners for adding to your classroom walls. Each banner is split across three A4 pages.

Christmas Countdowns

Get into the Christmas spirit by counting down the days! The two versions have their own themed set of numbers.

summer borders for the classroom free printable

Summer Borders

Two bright and colourful summer borders for your classroom displays. Border one comes in three parts, and border two in one part.

Summer Banners

A set of three summer banners for classroom display. Each banner is split across three A4 pages.

Moustache Icons

You just never know when you’ll need a printable moustache. There are 20 different kinds and two per A4 page.

Messaging Icons

Simple messaging icons that are commonly seen on a smartphone. Each speech bubble faces both left and right, and it comes in grey, green and blue.

Maths Symbols

Here we have five styles of maths icons for your classroom displays. There’s even a style that matches our Colourful Numbers pack if you wanted to use them together.