Category: Geography

World Trip Banners Vol. 1

Take a trip around Europe with three of our lovely display banners. Countries featured include France, Netherlands and Italy.

Holiday Topic Cards

Handy topic cards of general holiday items. There’s 16 cards in total with 4 to an A4 page.

printable countries of europe shapes outlines areas

Countries of Europe Shapes

Each country is the main colour from their flag and fills an entire A4 page. However, they are not to scale in relation to each other.

train timetable display classroom free

Train Daily Timetable

Our train daily timetable pack contains individual carriages for you to construct the day’s plan.

printable boarding pass for kids

Boarding Pass Template

Where would you like to go on holiday? Now you can go anywhere you like with our blank boarding pass template.

Scottish Tartan

Scotland is famous for it’s tartan. Our pack contains 16 of the most popular designs, with two per A4 page.

Scottish Food

Forty food cards showing the weird and wonderful food that we eat in Scotland.

London Pack

Learn about London with our simple map, famous London icons and all major London buildings.

printable map of scotland

Map of Scotland

As Paperzip is based in Scotland, we just had to add a map of the place we call home.