Category: Miscellaneous

Yoga for Kids

Our Yoga Cards are a quick introduction to yoga for children. There are 20 cards and they are colour-coded by difficulty.

clothes tags free learn shopping

Clothes Tags

Sixteen blank clothes tags that you can colour in and fill out the details, like price, size and colour.

printable website template for schools

Website Templates

Students can create their very own website with our simple template. There’s small (great for quick sketches) and large sizes (final designs) included.

Top and T-Shirt Templates

Each item of clothing is on a single A4 page. Items included are: two styles of t-shirts; two styles of long-sleeved t-shirts; one hooded top; one polo shirt and one sweatshirt.

Mouse Cursors

Retro mouse cursors in nine different colours. Great for creating a technology wall display or attached to a stick as a fun pointer.