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Dyslexia Quest helps test memory and learning skills

Dyslexia Quest iPad app

Dyslexia Quest helps test memory and learning skills in the form of 6 fun games. Each game is designed to assess working memory, phonological awareness, processing speed, visual memory, auditory memory and sequencing skills.

The app was created by Nessy, who are a well-known brand within the SFL sector. All of the software and apps they produce are the result of years of experience that has come from working closely with the Bristol Dyslexia Centre.

Dyslexia Quest uses cartoon animations, chunky letters and bright colours to keep pupils engaged and less concerned about any dyslexia tests. As the app provides you with easy-to-understand results, the teacher can then focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Using Dyslexia Quest in the Classroom

  • As a diagnostic tool
  • A fun reward game

One of the main problems with Dyslexia Quest is the name. It doesn’t allow you to discreetly test a child without them knowing. The app is also extremely beneficial for pupils without dyslexia and the name could give the wrong impression. Other than that, the app is essentially faultless.


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