Teachers’ Pocketbooks: Short, relevant ideas and advice

Teachers’ Pocketbooks are a wonderful collection of books containing short, relevant ideas and advice; making them perfect for busy teachers.

There are around 40 books in the collection and each book is purchased individually, depending on what area you’d like to improve. Topics span from Behaviour Management and Differentiation, to Dyslexia and Asperger Syndrome. The books are created by a number of well respected authors that share their wealth of information in their specialised field. For example, the Behaviour Management title is written by Peter Hook and Andy Vass – two of the leading trainers on behavioural issues in the UK, with almost 60 years of teaching experience between them.

Each book provides little tidbits of knowledge and ideas that you can expand on to suit your own situation and needs. If you’re a new teacher, these books are brilliant at giving you enough information to get you through the first few years whilst you find your feet. For experienced teachers, they help remind you of the basics, inspire new learning and help spark creativity.

Some of our favourite books from the collection include Differentiation, Assessment, Behaviour Management and Creative Teaching.



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