Award-winning Kate Petty popup books for older children

With topics ranging from science to punctuation, Kate Petty popup books are a total delight.

When we think of popup books, we tend to think of books for younger children. Kate Petty however, has published some awesome popup books for children around the KS2 level. In an age where iPads are becoming increasingly popular, it’s great to see a traditional book with something more to offer. So not only are they enjoyable to look through, but your much more likely to remember things that pop out the page!

We’ve tried out ‘The Wonderful World Book‘ and ‘The Super Science Book‘ – both of which are brilliant. Next on our wish list is ‘The Terrific Times Table Book‘ and ‘The Perfect Punctuation Book‘.

Some pages in the books are quite delicate, as the popups have so much detail and intricate cuttings. So it’s probably wise to supervise any children that are using them.


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