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Scribblenauts game gets you thinking and improves literacy

Scribblenauts Remix app

Scribblenauts is an award-winning game where you help the main character Maxwell, collect stars and solve puzzles. Collecting stars requires the user to think creatively as they’re usually placed somewhere that Maxwell can’t get to.

For example, there might be a star at the top of a tree and you have to work out how to retrieve it. You then think of an object that could be useful and simply type it in to Scribblenauts. Like a trampoline or a jetpack!

Scribblenauts also recognises adjectives. So if you try to use a ladder and it doesn’t quite reach, you can try typing ‘big ladder’. So not only do pupils have to think of an item, they might need an extra adjective too, as well as spelling everything correctly.

You’ll be amazed at how many objects are in Scribblenauts – so many that you’ll struggle to find an item that isn’t in the game! Even Harry Potter can make an appearance.

Using Scribblenauts in the Classroom

  • Solve levels in groups and discuss/compare strategies
  • Try and think of items that aren’t in the game
  • Get creative with adjectives and see who can think of the best one

Not only is Scribblenauts really enjoyable, but it’s also extremely beneficial. Creative thinking, problem solving, spelling and grammar will all be improved whilst having fun doing so.



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