clothes tags free learn shopping

Clothes Tags

Sixteen blank clothes tags that you can colour in and fill out the details, like…

Blank t-shirt and hoodie template for printing

Top and T-Shirt Templates

Each item of clothing is on a single A4 page. Items included are: two styles…

Colourful t-shirts displaying numbers

T-Shirt Numbers

Numbers 1-20 on colourful t-shirts.

A printable alphabet where each letter appears on a colourful t-shirt

T-Shirt Alphabet

A t-shirt alphabet with letters A-Z in uppercase. Each t-shirt is on an A4 page.

Blank templates for various clothing

Blank Clothes Templates

Sixteen items of clothing including a tanktop, dress, flip-flops, suit jacket and more.

Colourful printable socks for the classroom

Colourful Socks

A selection of colourful socks with plain, spotty and striped designs.