Large Emoji Icons – People

Trying to find large emoji icons is a tedious task, which is why we’ve compiled…

large emojis free download

Large Emoji Icons – Objects

Trying to find large emoji icons is a tedious task, which is why we’ve compiled…

printable instagram template a4 paper

Instagram Template

Our Instagram template is a paper version of the photo sharing network. It includes a…

A poster to remind children to think about what they share online

Social media poster reminding you to beware what you share

A poster displaying advice for children using social media. Think before you press send.

Websites of the week poster in the colours of Google

Websites of the week

A poster for displaying websites of the week. It comes in two versions: one with…

A screenshot of Kiddle, the search engine for children

Kiddle: A visual search engine that’s suitable for children

Kiddle is a new search engine for children that not only displays sites that are safe…

An internet safety banner for displaying in the classroom

Internet Safety Banner

A simple banner displaying 12 rules for staying safe on the internet, split across three…

A printable banner for displaying tips and tricks when using Google

Google Tips and Tricks Banner

A large banner for the classroom featuring some of the unknown tips and tricks for…

printable website template for schools

Website Templates

Students can create their very own website with our simple template. There’s small (great for…

dropbox app store files

Store your files in the cloud with Dropbox

Dropbox is a personal folder in the cloud that can be accessed from any computer,…