3 simple tips for your classroom displays

We love a classroom display that provides real value to your pupils’ learning – one that creates an environment so fun and engaging that kids enjoy spending time in it.

Here are some simple ideas that you could use to further add quality to your displays and improve the walls of your classroom.

1. Classroom Display Layouts

Experiment with different sizes and make important points larger. Create order to pupils’ work so it can be seen clearly.

Source: Ann Beck Photography

2. Backing Paper

Backing paper can be used as a great backdrop, that’ll put a unique spin on an otherwise regular wall. There’s lots of different styles available that would be great for your topic work.

Source: Amazon

3. Classroom Display Colours

When creating a display, try to use complimenting colours that’ll look good together. Colourlovers has over a million user submitted palettes that match colours brilliantly. They also show you which colours should be more prominent, and what should be more discreet. The palettes are searchable by name too.

Source: COLOURlovers



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