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Apple Pages: the premier word processing app for iOS

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Many people create documents using Microsoft Word on their computers. However, when it comes to the iPad, there really is only one winner.

Pages is Apple’s version of Microsoft Word that removes all the confusing menus and options, and focuses on the features you really need.

Launching the app for the first time will greet you with some handy tips about using Pages; very important if you’re completely new and are used to using Microsoft Word! You can create new documents by selecting from a number of templates that include posters, invites and more, all of which provide a great starting-off point.

As Pages was made for a touchscreen device, you can pinch, zoom and rotate objects using your fingers. Rather than pointing and clicking with a mouse, you simply tap and drag an image where you’d like to place it. It also has the ability to snap objects into place using the alignment tool and then lock objects so you don’t accidentally move them later on. If you’re dealing with images, you can also add reflections and borders to help them really stand out in your document.

Files created in Pages are saved as .pages files, but can also be exported as PDFs or Microsoft Word documents. Please note that some formatting might be lost when importing to Microsoft Word so if you can help it, try to work in Pages from start to finish. In addition to the iPad app, there’s also the free iCloud website that contains the Pages app in the web browser. From here you can access any documents that have been saved in iCloud and continue to work on them or make edits. Everything updates instantaneously so if you add a paragraph on your iPad, it’ll appear straight away on the web browser. Making the latest draft always with you.

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