reference cards for famous cities around the world

Cities of the World

There are many great cities scattered around the world and we’ve illustrated 54 of them for use as reference cards or as part of a themed display.

Each city displays a recognisable building or landscape as well as the country it’s located in.

Cities included: Moscow, San Francisco, Rome, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Amsterdam, Berne, Warsaw, Helsinki, Sofia, Venice, Prague, Bangkok, Dublin, Berlin, Pisa, Hamburg, Athens, Stockholm, Riga, Istanbul, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, London, New York, Washington DC, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Tallinn, Paris, Reykjavik, Agra, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Toronto, Lisbon, Vatican City, Kiev, Brussels, Bucharest, Madrid, Beijing, Tokyo, Oslo, Cairo, Dubai, Giza, Arusha, Sydney, Kolkata and Morondava.


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