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Inspiration Maps is a mind map builder with a difference

inspiration mind maps app for ipad

There are lots of mind mapping apps available on the App Store and few offer anything new or noteworthy. Mind maps aren’t made to be beautiful or exciting so at first glance, they’re all quite similar.

The reason we want to mention Inspiration Maps is that it includes a feature that we’ve not seen in other mind mapping apps — the ability to view your web of ideas as a nested list.

By just a touch of a button, your visual map flips over and it’s converted to a hierarchical view, making it a lot easier to keep track of larger diagrams.

As far as the rest of the app goes, you have all the basic tools such as bubbles, boxes, colours, shapes, text and images. There’s also a categorised clip-art section with a number of fun illustrations. The controls are really intuitive and it takes no time at all to make a diagram. Bubbles are edited with double taps and can be connected with a simple line drawing with your finger.

As mentioned above, you only get 5 documents for free before you have to upgrade to unlock the entire app. Unfortunately, you can’t export your free diagrams so it truly is only for testing purposes. The upgrade cost is a little steep – at £9.99 – so you may be tempted to find a cheaper alternative.

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